Buttonbush  (Cephalanthus occidentalis) is an awesome summertime shrub typically found in wetland areas.  This one was along the Cocheco River in Dover, NH.  

The flowers are like little pincushions, beautifully symmetrical spheres-dense clusters with protruding pistils.   They like water, they like shade.  The Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center calls them honey plants---I hadn't heard that term before, but according to the interweb a honey plant is one used by honey bees to make honey---makes sense.  I guess the implication is that they don't use the nectar from all flowers to make honey.

This is a great shrub to plant in your garden--they have interesting blooms, are native, attract a variety of pollinating insects, birds and bats, are easy to grow (mine has survived a bit of neglect) and will do well in a variety of soil types--not just waterlogged wetlands.


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