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Red-winged blackbirds are a sure sign of spring

I was down in New York visiting family this past weekend and had a nice preview of what to expect during the upcoming weeks of spring.  Spring! They are a little bit ahead of us down there-still no leaves on the trees but there was green grass in the lawns and dandelions and daffodils blooming.  Robins were fighting over territory in the park.  My aunt was bracing herself for her annual springtime battle with ants in her Manhattan apartment.  Like here I found mud, peepers and wood frogs calling at night, and one of my favorites, red-winged blackbirds. 
Red-winged blackbirds arrived at my neighborhood marsh almost a month ago.  Back before the last set of snow storms.  They are there still but are a bit subdued, perhaps because they’re still waiting for the ladies to arrive.  This is in contrast to further south.  Down in New York mating season is in full swing, the males were busy perching in the cattails, on telephone wires and stream-side shrubs, singing from any high place they c…